Protect yourself from toxic people

Protect yourself from toxic people

We all would like to live in an ideal world, but we live here and now. We go to work, communicate with colleagues and relatives, and sometimes this communication (though not always pleasant can not be avoided).

Who are toxic people?

Colleagues and bosses releasing their neuroses on you, girlfriends and friends constantly getting into your borders, relatives constantly blaming you.

What to do when dealing with toxic people, how not to give yourself offense and not take all the negativity onto yourself?

People do not change

No need to wait for people to change if you do something. Most hysterical, selfish people remain so until the end of their days. It is important to understand that the matter is not in you and a toxic person is unlikely to change.

Keep your head cold.

Do not get fooled by provoking a toxic person. Of course, he knows how to stab you in one sentence as painfully as possible. Take a deep breath and exhale. Do not give vent to emotions and thereby satisfy the offender.

The method of stone.

This method is very good for communicating with daffodils, these guys can talk about themselves for hours. If the rules of decency do not give you the opportunity to interrupt the talker, pretend to be a stone. Do not maintain eye contact, look away, yawn, be boring. Soon the daffodil will lose interest in you and will look for another victim.

Set a time frame.

If you are visiting toxic relatives, set a time frame. Say right away that you need to run after 45 minutes on business.