Principles of happiness

Principles of happiness

I want to share what principles I use on my life path to be happy. I am convinced that work in this direction will lead everyone to a good life and quality relationships. So:

1. Success depends entirely on your point of view. Consider yourself successful, period. All arguments regarding the fact that you “do not succeed, do not add up, do not stick together” – destroy it. Imagine them, visualize them, and then mentally take a large strong stone and break them. Projecting failures leads to ongoing trials. Your low self-esteem is the result of an opinion imposed on you, in which you firmly believe.

2. Understand for yourself once and for all – you are always successful. Accept yourself. Respect yourself. Work on it.

3. Sympathize with other people. Look around – there are a lot of people and they are all different. Do not be afraid to make new friends. Complexity is normal. Any skill or abilities do not appear out of nowhere. Diligent training will yield results. You need to work hard through “not comfort” and you will surprise yourself from the best side. Notice good and bright in people. Cut off negative ratings.

4. Know how to see the future and be grateful to your near and dear ones, friends and colleagues. Thanks to the experience and situations that occurred. Keep a gratitude diary, real or virtual. Once a week, use the diary to thank people for their experience, circumstances for opportunities, and so on. The diary will add ritualism and consistency. There is always something to thank. The main thing is to look at the right angle.

5. Be timely and reliable in every way. To be timely is when you do everything on time, when you are asked about it, and not when the stars have become in the right sequence or the weather has settled. Reliability is when you are sure that under any conditions they will hear you and help you. These concepts are closely related to each other, and they must be applied initially in relation to oneself.

6. Be attentive to yourself, to your actions and attentive to others. Start with yourself. Do not demand from others what you do not have. Pay attention to your surroundings. Any relationship is based on the exchange of energies and they need to be nourished. Do not skimp, and they will answer you with the same coin.

7. Be true to yourself and others. Truthfulness is when our actions, words and inner message are in harmony. The belief that you can convince someone of the sincerity of your feelings without their presence is utopia.

8. Watch what you listen to. The entry point is the exit point. If your environment complains about your husbands, children, mothers, fathers, mother-in-law, health, other circumstances, monitor this and direct the conversation in a different direction. Tell yourself and others: “I’m on a diet of good news.” Do not be afraid to evaluate your words. Better suggest a different topic for conversation. Learn to get happiness from simple things, from your observation, open the sash of your magic chest of fantasies and colors. After all, what you think or say about others, ultimately, should and will apply to you.

9. Be patient and persistent. Words, thoughts and attitudes are good. But without labor, as they say … Consider all of the above as daily work on yourself. A systematic, regular approach is the path to personal success. And do not doubt for a moment in yourself, in your own strengths and capabilities. Do not doubt that people will appreciate you. Do you know why? They simply will not have other options.

10. And you know what else is important? Consistency is important. The lack of regularity and the inability to keep the rhythm of positive changes may make you think that you are not working or working. But remember the behavior of babies, babies up to a year – with what persistence they train their walking skill. Fell – got up – went on. Yes, with what excitement! Get infected with your own perseverance, desire and faith. Your falls are the path to your success. Regularity and the ability to keep the rhythm will take you to a completely different orbit. If you do not engage in yourself and your goals on an ongoing basis, then you will return to your starting position. Anyone who has set himself up for a long and patient siege will soon find that he has risen much faster than he expected. Anyone who is content with quick changes will receive them, but not for long. Set yourself up initially that you are building not a one-room apartment, but a comfortable house of your dreams. Do not wait for a specific case. Your case will come when you decide. Stick to your decisions. Bring the decisions to the end.